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Fully Integrated with Gmail

Save Emails to PDF is made specifically to work with Gmail and G Suite email accounts. Once you install the free Chrome extension, all your emails can be converted to PDF with one click of a button.

Here is how it is easy to save your messages as a PDF :
Step 1: Select messages you want to save
Step 2: Click on 'Save Emails to PDF' menu
Step 3: Select options

Fully Integrated with Gmail
Save Individual Emails

Save Individual Emails

Save Emails to PDF adds a button to Gmail’s interface that enables you to download individual emails with one click. The email and any attachments will immediately be saved to your hard drive.

Batch Save Multiple Emails

From your inbox, select multiple emails to save as a batch. You can save multiple emails in 1 document in the following formats:

  1. A paginated PDF
  2. Zip file with inividual PDFs
  3. MS Excel
  4. CSV
  5. TXT
  6. HTML Format

Batch Save Multiple Emails
Package Emails in One PDF

Package Emails in One PDF

Attorneys can download and package all email correspondence related to a litigation with few clicks. You can package all emails into one PDF document. The document will be paginaged and each email will have both receive and sent dates. Also, all attached documents and excel spreadsheets will be also added to that PDF document.

Did you know we can encrypt your PDF file?

Sometimes you're saving very sensitive emails to your PDF file, and want to ensure its privacy and security. That's why we offer 256-bit military grade encryption, and password protection. This way, when you send your PDF document to someone you trust like your lawyer or your accountant, not only is your document's data impenetrably secure, but that trusted person can only access your file once you've given them a password.

Did you know we can encrypt your PDF file?
Attachments Included

Attachments Included

Email attachments are also saved to your hard drive along with the copy of the email.

Team Management

This team solution enables you to activate 'Save Emails to PDF' for your employees company-wide or you can also decide to pick who gets this feature:

  1. Consolidated billing
  2. Volume Discount
  3. G Suite Admin integration
  4. Pay via invoice
Team Management
Installs in Seconds

Installs in Seconds

You can easily install Save Emails to PDF in seconds from the Chrome Web Store. Once installed, the tool will be seamlessly embedded into your Gmail or G Suite email account.

100% Free for Anyone Using Gmail

Save Emails to PDF is 100% free to use for up to 50 conversations per month. Need to save more than 50 conversations per month? Our premium plan costs just a few dollars a month and includes phone and email support.

100% Free for Anyone Using Gmail
Premium Plan Available

Premium Plan Available

Our premium plan costs just a few dollars a month. It includes phone and email support and you have options to:

  1. Include or not to include attachments
  2. Add or skip page numbers
  3. chose paper size (letter, A4, A5, etc.)
  4. More...

Install Save emails to PDF

How Are People Like Me Using Save Emails to PDF?

For Receipts

Save your emailed receipts in one Excel file. Then send the file to your human resources department for reimbursement. Or send them to your accountant or bookkeeper for their records.

With Clients

Multi-week project? How about a multi-year project? With one click, you can download PDF copies of your emails and store them in a shared drive or project folder for later reference—including attachments.

With Your Boss

Boss or supervisor just “volunteer” you to solve a big problem? Did she just forward a series of emails detailing the situation that just became your new big project? Select those emails and save them to your hard drive with one click so you can refer to them as you work on the problem.

When Working With HR

Let’s say you have a situation in your department that requires you to visit to HR. Save Emails to PDF lets you quickly compile any communications you’ve had with the person in question so you can forward them to HR in one email—instead of having to forward them one by one.

For Customer Service

Have a problem customer that you need to pass on to a higher up? Save their conversation thread and any attachments in one click.

When Working With Legal

Getting sued? Locked in a court battle with a client over non-payment? It’s often a huge hassle to get all the paperwork together or these kinds of things, including copies of emails your legal team requests or asks you to hold. Save Emails to PDF makes it easy to get your emails together for discovery—or any part of the legal process.